Room Hire

We have a number of rooms available for hire, if you would like more details about prices and availability please email or call 07856532199.

Community Hall

With occupancy of up to 50 people our Community Hall is ideal for fitness classes such as dance or yoga, business meetings or birthday parties! There are plenty of chairs and folding tables available for your use as well as a kitchenette for tea and coffee!

Communtiy Hall

Wellbeing Room

Our Wellbeing Room can cater for up to 25 people depending on the activity. With its white board it is ideal for talks and presentations and classes! We have comfortable chairs and folding tables available and a kitchenette for tea and coffee.

Wellbeing room

One to one spaces

We have two spaces which are ideal for smaller groups of up to 4 people. These spaces are ideal for one to one sessions such as business meetings, classes or counselling. There is also a waiting room outside the one to one rooms which creates a relaxing environment for clients.

Room One