Pudsey Wellbeing Charity: Coronavirus Update

The Coronavirus crisis is having a huge impact on everyone. Pudsey Wellbeing Centre is temporarily closed but Pudsey Wellbeing Charity continues to function and we will be re-opening the building just as soon as we can. We are sure our volunteers can’t wait to get their groups up and running again! Watch this space for further details.

Regrettably Cafe Lux could not survive a long period of closure and has gone into administration. Pudsey Wellbeing Charity has worked alongside the cafe since we first opened in 2012. Cafe Lux was a great asset and provided a meeting space for our volunteers and groups, as well as for the wider Pudsey community. We are making plans for the future use of the café area when we open up again.

Pudsey Wellbeing Charity is a social hub which provides activities for the community all run by volunteers.

The aims of the charity are:

  1. To support wellbeing, both mental and physical, by creating a social hub and network based at our centre in  Pudsey.
  2. To provide a range of facilities for recreation activities or other leisure time occupation for the benefit of the inhabitants of Pudsey and the surrounding areas.
  3. To improve quality of life for the general public with particular focus on the socially isolated and others who may have specific needs on account of age, disability, social or economic circumstances.

We do this by offering space for local volunteers to run groups and activities for people in the community. Some of our current groups are an Arts Group, a Community Choir and a Walking Group. Anybody is welcome to attend these groups which are mostly free with a couple of groups asking for a small donation. Our volunteer programme is a place where our local community can be inspired to get involved and engage with our community.  It is an opportunity for people to be creative and enables our volunteers to share their skills or life experiences, as well as being part of a friendly and supportive group. For further information on our groups and activities please have a look at our Whats On page. For information about becoming a volunteer please look at our volunteering page.