Pudsey Wellbeing Charity

The Pudsey Wellbeing Charity is a social hub which provides activities for the community all run by volunteers.

The aims of our charity are:

  1. To support wellbeing, both mental and physical, by creating a social hub and network based at our centre in Pudsey.
  2. To provide a range of facilities for recreation activities or other leisure time occupation for the benefit of the inhabitants of Pudsey and the surrounding areas.
  3. To improve quality of life for the general public with particular focus on the socially isolated and others who may have specific needs on account of age, disability, social or economic circumstances.

We do this by offering space for local volunteers to run groups and activities for people in the community. We currently have 23 groups running at the centre, including our Pudsey Ukuleles, Pudsey Art Workshop, PATS group (Pudsey Adults with Time to Spare), a Youth Club (ages 11-17), Happy Stitchers, Raise Your Voice Choir, Singing for the Brain group, Yoga and Meditation groups and more. Our wide range of groups allows us to cater for many interests.

Our community café called The Open Door is led by volunteers and normally works 5 days a week, Monday-Friday. We serve tea and coffee with some biscuits and tea cakes here. The drinks and small treats are free, however, voluntary donations are welcome. Please check out the timetable for more accurate working times as the hours may slightly differ from month to month.

The charity is accessible to all. The charity building has an automatic entrance door, suitable for wheelchairs and power chairs and our Open Door cafe space is on the ground floor. The building also has a lift with access throughout, enabling those who are unable to take the stairs to join the groups which run in the Community Hall on the first floor. The toilets are accessible to those with a disability and we also have baby changing facilities.

Anybody is welcome to attend these groups, which are mostly free, with a couple of groups asking for a small donation. For further information on our groups and activities please have a look at our Whats On page, where you will find a full calendar of events. Alternatively, please pop in to the centre and take a look at our noticeboard on the ground floor, where you will find further information. If you are interested in running your own group here please do get in touch!

Our volunteer programme is a place where our local community can be inspired to get involved and engage with our community! It is an opportunity for people to be creative and enables our volunteers to share their skills or life experiences, as well as being part of a friendly and supportive group. For information about becoming a volunteer please look at our volunteering page.